A Visit To Kagate

I just returned from Kagate, where we made extensive progress. Thanks to Bikash Palikhey’s support we have reached an agreement with an overseer, who will supervise all works in Kagate. He has a strong technical background and will receive maximum support by Bikash from Kathmandu.

Construction phase 1 will start with the retaining wall on the east side of the area. This has to be completed by June before the monsoon starts to flood the villages. Also, wood has to be acquired, dried during the monsoon before it can be build in the roof construction. Phase 1 also comprises the construction of the Kindergarden, which will later be used as a school room.

As much as I wish to send you pictures, here in Nepal all is very limited technically. I am simply not capable of loading picture into the blog for you to see what I am talking about. All I can promise now is to try hard tomorrow to reload some pics for you. My apologies for this disappointments.

I shall leave my friend’s place on Tuesday to join the expedition in the Hyatt Kathmandu. I am curious to meet the other members, guides and staff.

From there, I will report further. Again my apologies.

Cheers from Kathmandu