Lobuche Base Camp

Further North to acclimatise further

Lobuche base camp was our home for two days. Located very remotely, we felt cut off from the rest of the world. We slept in tents for the first time since the expedition started. Very cold nights felt differently in the tents but the sun rising at 7:30 warmed us up while still lying in our sleeping bags.

Lobuche base camp in lower right corner shot from a hill above it (this time well below 5000 meter).


Closer view of base camp with mess tents in foreground and members‘ behind.


Using solar power to heat up water.


This camp provides a lot of amenities and the privacy of individual tents, however though is rather rudimentary compared to our base camp at Everest. I will cover this camp in detail soon.

Before this, I take you with me to a very special place called Tokhla.

Tashi Delek