Out of Touch Now

Pheriche, 4230 m

Thanks to Everest Link, a powerful internet repeater, I was able to post at least two of the blogs I had in mind. That required a lot of patience because this service is heavily weather dependent.

I am writing to you now from a place named Pheriche high up in the Khumbu. It is just a few lodges, a barren, inhospitable and cold place a a bit like Golgatha.



After two nights here and having climbed a neighboring peak to acclimatise further, we broke through the 5000 m threshold. From now on, our backpacks need to be even lighter since we will feel the altitudes even more intense.

Tomorrow we leave for Lobuche base camp. Lobuche is the peak you can see in the far right background of this picture, snow and ice covered. Staying there for two night we acclimatise to the higher altitudes before continuing northbound to Everest base camp. Later, we return to Lobuche to climb this mountain and spend two nights in tents on one of his summits at roughly 6130 m.

Since Lobuche is so detached from the outside world with no communications, I shall not be able to blog since we arrive at EBC (Everest Base Camp).

Again, please do not forget where I am and how tedious conditions are here.

Stay tuned and Tashi Delek