Pictures From Kagate

With a little help from a good friend

from Chhewang Lama I am now able to send you pictures from our visit to Kagate last week. It wouldn’t been possible at at all had he not helped me in such a great way.

Bikash Palikhey, our architect together with Shyam who oversees all works at Kagate gauging the land on which the school will be constructed.image

The first wooden pole which marks the start of all works in Kagate.


One corner of the new school building: the goal is visible now in Kagate.


Bikash and Chhewang introducing the school design to the kids and parents in Kagate. How can buildings move around in a computer? Not the only question the villagers ask themselves. Bikash, the magician.


A farewell picture with some of the Kagate kids.


Tashi Delek