Summitting Everest means a lot more

There is a brave bunch out there who wish not to get involved with Facebook. However, as you have followed me through my MountainProjects Expedition Blog, I like to share my gratitude over summitting Mount Everest with you in particular.

Friday the 13th of May, 8:46 Nepal time, not a superstitious day, but the very intense feeling of standing on Everest summit, mindful, humble and grateful.


In relation to the total world population, only few people have set foot on Everest. No reason to go nuts, but is it an achievement? I believe so, one of willpower, dedication, courage, discipline and resilience to cope with the hardship, discomfort and setbacks on the way up. When you want to reach your ultimate goal you need to have this mindset.

What is YOUR Everest?

Before I left for the expedition, I promised my very good friends Doma Lama and her son Chhewang to take a prayer scarf to the summit. It is now sending best wishes and fortune to many people across the world from this elevated location. I feel very happy and honoured to fulfill your wish.


I feel completely depleted now which is quite normal after having exerted my body and mind to this extreme physical and mental stress and strain. It will take me several weeks to recuperate fully.

Yet, I am deeply grateful for being able to summit, for all the lessons Everest has taught me, for all insights I gained through her wisdom. In the course of the expedition, I felt that Everest has lost her rocky nature and more and more has become a living being. We communicated every day, I prayed to her, connected my spirits and soul to her to allow to understand each other better, why I was here and why I wished to stand atop. I asked for Myolangsangma’s mercy (the deity who resides on Everest) to allow me access to her kingdom. And finally, she granted me permission to come to her, yet showing her devine  power through a howling, raging wind on the summit: her breath.

Never before have I felt her closer. Not only for this will I be grateful and humble for the rest of my life.

Chomolungma, Mother Goddess of All.