Jiri. North-East Nepal. 30 minutes flight time from Kathmandu. 7000 inhabitants. The former “Gateway to Mt. Everest”. From there 12 days to Everest. On foot!

Today, everyone flies past Jiri en route to Khumbu. Time is precious. No one hikes along the trail once used by Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

We drive from Jiri for three hours further to the south east, on a dusty, near impassable path to Ramechap Province, to Kagate. The village, at 2200m, lies in an area of deep green nature on a high plateau. During the monsoon season it is cut off from the outside world with the muddy paths being too soggy to travel along. Tibeto-Burmese sherpas live there, with their own culture, language and beliefs. They live isolated lives, without opportunity.

Jiri - Gateway to Everest Jiri – Gateway to Everest

The name Kagate comes from ‘Kagaj’ – nepalese for paper. The area is home to the evergreen Daphne, the stems which are used to manufacture Lokta Paper.

Three high-quality medicinal herbs grow wild here: Lauth Salla, Chiraito and Majitho.

They provide a high potential for the village: Help for self-help.

It is one of the villages belonging to the Rasnalu Village Development Committee (VDC). VDCs are local admininstrative bodies, that distribute state funds for education, water, health and development. They also ensure that the cash actually arrives where it is promised.

Amidst lush green nature: Kagate Amidst lush green nature: Kagate

Canola fields

The hills above Kagate

Wheat fields

Every piece of land is used for agriculture


Wheat fields

Kagate seen from above with the current school in the center

Children on the truck bed

A face that tells the story of life

Marked by life

Farewell committee

The cash that reaches Kagate is not sufficient at all to wisely invest in education. That is why we need to help with private initiatives.

We make a serious commitment. We build a school in Kagate. For all children.

Donate education . Change lifes