The Idea in Action

To pay due respect and recognition, to show gratitude and solidarity for the special gift of life. That’s what it’s about for Andreas Friedrich and his initiative MountainProjects e.V..

Andreas Friedrich Andreas Friedrich

Understanding how these sherpas have managed, selflessly and competently to help others. Character and competency as the basis of their thoughts and actions.

Character is that which one does when no one is watching. Competency can be trained, it is the result of effective education.

The two in combination have contributed to a highly professional crisis management, from which I and fellow climbers have profited.

Climbing mountains is not actually in the nature of the Sherpas. The extent of their professionalism is highlighted by the fact that they are superstitious about death on the mountain which is the ultimate bad omen.

MountainProjects e.V. was born.

Our vision was crystal clear. To help deprived children, through schooling and improvement of their economic circumstances. To offer them and their families opportunities and shape their futures. Through their education, the children should play a part in improving their society and help to achieve economic independence.

My role model here is the Himalayan Trust set up by Sir Edmund Hillary. Since he has shown just how important education is. All the sherpas from the 2009 and 2012 expeditions went to schools in Khumbu, which were commissioned by Sir Edmund Hillary after the first ascent of Everest.