Our Vision

They should be allowed to be children. Not child labourers.

The children of Kagate should finally be allowed to lead the lives of children. They should be granted the rights of children without being forced to work. It is our desire, that they have fun, play, shout, grow up to be well balanced and find joy in their lives.

MountainProjects wants to capture the imagination of children and motivate them to discover the joy of learning. They will grow up in an environment that reflects their worth as human beings.

We want to pass on the message, that dedication, hard work and determination are the means to achieving your goals and desires in life. We want to encourage the children to lay the foundation for their own success in life. Through our help, their own economic circumstances will be sustainably improved. Opportunities for them and their families will be the result.

We want to see happy, healthy and motivated children in a nourishing environment with the prospect of a positive future.

Help to help themselves provides the village with a solid economical foundation. Revenues generated by their own work will give Kagate a sustained, solid economic upturn who lets all villagers benefit.

Education and prosperity will both guarantee Kagate a better life.