Our Promise

No member of MountainProjects e.V. will receive a fee for his time, as all are committed to working on a voluntary basis.

All funds donated will be administered in Germany and distributed directly via Doma Lama to the projects. Andreas has met Doma in Kathmandu a long time ago. Both share a long-term friendship based on mutual respect and trust.

We promise to keep the costs of communication, fundraising and administration to a minimum for the majority of funds to flow directly into our projects.

MountainProjects e.V. will affiliate soon with Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft. This transparency standard obliges us to voluntarily publish ten substantive items of information on MountainProjects e.V. clearly structured at an easy-to-find point on our website.

You will receive regular news and up-to-date developments by subscribing to our newsletter. This is how we give an account on your donations and ensure proof of the correct and effective use of them.

If we generate thanks to your willingness to donate more than the amount of 15000 Euro for our Kagate Project we assure you that we will immediately launch another aid project in Nepal. We not only have enough reasons to help but also know a lot of needy villages. To be able to distribute your donation to any of our projects we kindly ask you to refrain from mentioning the exact project name you like to donate for on your bank transfer form. If you do so MountainProjects e.V. is then legally required to exclusively utilize your donation for the project as defind by you.

According to the articles of association MountainProjects e.V. is legally obliged to steer all donations towards another aid project if we cannot collect the required donation amount for Kagate project. In this case MountainProjects e.V. will transfer all donations to Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust and will be dissolved.

We wholeheartedly ask you to help us so that we can help the children.