Approaching the Finishing Line – And Going Beyond

“Finetuning and very special training”

Approaching the Finish Line – And Going Beyond

The Kagate school project is nearing its completion. Then our focus will be to run the school on a lasting and sustainable basis meaning to make Kagate independent from donations. A very special and dedicated training will make MountainProjects future projects even more versatile. Both 2015 and 2016 annual financial statement reports are now available on the website.

It has been a bit silent for almost a year around MountainProjects and its Kagate project, which doesn’t mean at all we stood idly. We still believe in a gentle news dose to assure your curiosity. Summarising the progress over a certain period of time generates a more compact project overview.

Time pressure before the monsoon

Thanks to a perfect construction management by our architect Bikash Palikhey and the site overseer Anjan Suwal, we succeeded in completing the shell construction (Phase 3) of the main school building containing four classrooms. The time pressure before the yearly monsoon required a massive logistical effort due to stronger monsoon intensity forecasts compared to previous years. Its intensity seems to know no bounds and more and more becomes a severe issue for the entire region.

We would have seen considerable damage to the shell construction of the main school building for sure, had we not been able to complete that phase before the devastating monsoon hit the area. To bring the building into service soon, we now start with the interior construction. Minor works like fresh paint, repair works and maintenance will be conducted on the other two building at the same time. Needless to say, the main building like the others is an earthquake-resistant construction which not only protects the integrity of the construction, but also provides life-saving shelter to the kids and teachers when the next quake sends its tremors to the region. And that’s a sure bet!

We plan the opening of der Schule for the first months in 2019 and will implement this goal quickly.

To show to you the progress of the recent months, we have added a few pictures which we hope you will enjoy as a confirmation that MountainProjects handles your donations goal-orientated.


20180310_174105 copyIMG_3152IMG_3213IMG_326520180717_121739

Ensuring Ongoing Operation

To build the new school in Kagate has just been the first step and we are very proud of our accomplishments bearing in mind the size of MountainProjects and the short time we managed to come this close to the finish line. Individual donors as well as companies booking Andreas’s lectures greatly supported us and made it possible to persistently keep track of our goals. The cooperation of all responsible managers, their courageous dedication to the project are as well vital contributions to the overall success. They all deserve my deepest gratitude as Founder and Chair of MountainProjects.

With the school just being the roof over the pupils’ heads it is now essential to breathe life into this infrastructure to allow many kids to walk their first steps into a brighter future. Let’s make the school a place of opportunities to open up new doors. A start line into their future. A place of light-heartedness and openness to allow the children to reach their greatest goals. “What is YOUR Everest?” A place of curiosity, inspiration and willpower. A place for the children.

Together with you we now wish to translate the MountainProjects vision of “1 Euro per child per day”. One Euro has the potential to change a lot in Kagate. To ask for this special help is certainly a sensitive issue in times of political debates dominated by unsolved migration problems in a quarrelling Europe. But we understand it as well as a chance for you to have scope for direct and personal input. Child sponsorship is your personal link to the children in Kagate. They grow close to our hearts and become part of our life.


This is exactly why I like to invite and encourage you to act as a sponsor. Please make up your mind about your important commitment and let us know by mailing me at andreas.friedrich@mountainprojects.de. We then will explain the process to you. Thank you.

Reach Autonomy

From the very beginning of our works, MountainProjects has discovered Kagate’s potential for autonomy. For development aid not to become a bottomless pit, villages and projects must bear potential for autonomy to stand on its own feet. We always kept track of this goal apart from just building the new school. The potential we see in Kagate comprises fertile soils for profitable, enduring agricultural activities and wild Ayurvedic plants good for trade flows with India and other countries. We will focus on bringing all this to life after having finished the school construction. All donations we have specially received for these purposes are still untouched and reserved for investments. Please be patient, we will get back in touch with you soon in this matter.

Bikash and me have brainstormed over future projects and we like to follow a totally different approach how to provide aid. We consider networking with other projects and NGOs, but might also collaborate with visionaries who see a need to help people in Nepal. There is neither only our way of support nor the one and only way and we must be openminded to different approaches.

In the light of this, Bikash’s timeout and extensive travelling through South America goes into that direction. To escape the monsoon and broaden his horizons. To meet people who have initiated and run alternative construction projects. Professional exchange, sharing experience and learning to see different ways of doing. A very special training on the job which allows MountainProjects to benefit from for future projects.

Financial year-end reports for 2014 and 2015 (German only) are now loaded onto our website at your disposal. We promised transparency and keep it. Many thanks to Mr. Spöhrer of Kanzlei Spöhrer und Partner, Munich for the preparation of the financial statements free of charge.

We did not loose sight of our goal to be awarded the label of Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ). Uploading the year-end reports and making them accessible to the public are vital first steps.

Last but not least, I like to bring to your attention a very interesting news feed  which gives an in-depth insight into the never ending problems with Nepal’s post-quake reconstruction and that is almost four years after the devastating quake hit the country in 2015.

Your trust in us makes us proud. We will need it in the future as well. Keep supporting us please.

For the children.

Tashi Delek






Andreas Friedrich

Founder and Chair

MountainProjects e.V.



Progress in Kagate


first of all, I like to express my gratitude for your active interest in the progress of our Kagate School Project.

Things move forward. Indeed, we were busy and want to share with you today the latest developments. It took us some time. Patience is essential especially in Nepal.

Global heating gains ferocity in Nepal as anywhere else on earth. Monsoon rains hit Nepal heavier than in previous years which led to a standstill of the construction works. The retaining wall we have built in 2016 did a heck of a job in protecting the site against landslides.

Construction Phase 1: The Pre-School

In the meantime, the smaller building of the two of Phase 1 is now in a condition to be utilised as a pre-school for the youngest children of Kagate. Minor works still need to be done here, however to see class started makes us very happy. The second, bigger building containing the teachers’ office and a more spacious classroom is about to be finished soon.




Construction Phase 2: The Main School

Your persistent support and the lectures I gave have generated sufficient funds which enabled us to start the construction of the main school on November 17th, 2017. Once finished, this two-storey facility with four classrooms will serve as a school for the elder children of Kagate who currently  have to cope with the hardships and discomfort of their two hour way to school in Bethali. Our idea is to gain more time for them to study. More child time by a shorter distance to their school. Play, romp, light-heartedness. Basically, what all kids deserve.



Female Quota

We have successfully involved ourselves in convincing the district government in Manthali to make a female teacher possible for Kagate. MountainProjects wants to send out a clear signal to initiate a female qouta. Pioneering to proof that this is possible in Nepal. A country with widespread discrimination against women. We want to encourage the girls in Kagate to take a stand for their rights. The boys to learn that women have equal rights and all to become proud to be role models.


Child Sponsorship

Our valued donors will be able to sponsor children in Kagate after the completion of the main school building. We will make details available very soon.


Bikash Palikhey, the MountainProjects architect, did an amazing job with the architectural design of the new buildings in Kagate and management of the initial construction works. In early 2017, he told me he wants to leave to South America to study alternative construction projects. So in August 2017 it was time to bid him farewell. However, even a couple of thousands of miles away, his heart was still beating for Kagate and when I realised how important his management was to ensure the progress we needed, we one day put our heads together and discussed how to regain him for MountainProjects. I am truly happy that the fire of his passion which still burns in him made that so easy for me. Pure passion – that’s what MountainProjects longs for. Dhanyabad Bikash. My warmest thanks.

Bikash’s first achievement was to win Anjan Suwal as a site engineer and overseer for Kagate. His responsibilities involve providing technical knowledge, procurement of materials, negotiating prices and cost control. He reports directly to Bikash. Wellcome to the team, Anjan.

Transparent Civil Society

MountainProjects will apply for the label Transparent Civil Society (ITZ) in early 2018. We strive hard to win this great award.

New Account Details

For details of our new bank account, please click here.

Annual Activity Report

Our progress in Kagate is visible. We took the time necessary to make well-considered choices. Your trust in MountainProjects is our obligation to prudently deal with your funds. Your trust is of the utmost importance to us.

We have provided the financial authorities with an illustrated annual activity report which is available here for you. Thereby, we create transparency and you can learn what we have accomplished through your donations. I truly wish to thank Lizz and Graham Kelly for their proofreading which gives the report the utterly required official character.

Your trust in MountainProjects makes us very proud. We will certainly need it in the future to help the children in Kagate get the best start to their education. And to ensure that well over 90% of all funds go directly to the project.

Thank you all for your support.






Andreas Friedrich

Founder and Chair

MountainProjects e.V.


Donate Education . Change Lives


New Account Details

Dear Donors,

MountainProjects always keep its operational costs under strict control. We ensure that they are kept to a minimum. By reviewing them periodically, we manage to save costs. With this in mind, we have set-up new bank account details with Sparkasse Schweinfurt.

It is at your disposal on http://mountainprojects.de/en/ways-to-give-en/ by clicking the “Account” command button.

By keeping a close eye on our costs, we make sure that the majority of your funds can go to our Kagate School Project.

We feel responsible for our goal to make prudent use of your funds. That’s what you can rightly expect of us.

MountainProjects likes to thank Bank für Sozialwirtschaft München for their excellent cooperation and unbureaucratic support.

Please continue to trust us and support our vital work in Kagate, Nepal.

Warm regards





Andreas Friedrich

Founder and Chair

MountainProjects e.V.



Finish Line Kagate

Finish Line

Destination reached!

In September 2016 with a bunch of uncertainty, Janosch Kluge left Munich with his mountain bike. Destination: Kagate in Nepal. Yesterday after a final grind over two 4000+ meter passes, he has reached the village in good shape and safely.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 14.34.38

He has not only proven what daring plans are worth but also what is takes to realise them with diligence, courage and perseverance. How much each and everyone can accomplish if you believe in your goals and dreams.

All villagers, while desperately waiting for him, gathered upon Janosch’s arrival to give him a very warm welcome: Tashi Delek. It makes me unbelievably happy to see him amongst those who are so important to me and all at MountainProjects.

Janosch, you are a true role model for the children in Kagate. That is what drove us from the very first beginning when we started to plan and realise the event. You made it and make me very proud. Hats off, champion job.

My gratitude goes out as well to Bikash and Chhewang for their fantastic support of the Cycling for NepalMountainProjects event.

Let us all now build on this achievement and finish the new school for the kids in Kagate. Together we help and do others good.

That is our goal.


Sherpa Adventure Gear – ISPO Munich 2017

Meeting friends again

Internaltional sports fair ISPO took place again in Munich, Germany in 2017. Sherpa Adventure Gear had a breathtakingly beautiful booth there.


With the warmth and hospitality of Sherpas, Wolfgang Jahn and Michael Frantzen welcomed me and we all enjoyed meeting again. I was truly more than happy to share my Everest experiences with them.


But most importantly to express my gratitude for their fantastic support of the MountainProjects Everest 2016 Expedition: with an enlarged summit picture and a small bottle of molten ice from Everest summit.

My warmest thanks go to my friends at Sherpa Adventure Gear for all.





Summiteer Event at Novotel Cologne City Hotel

Reaching new highs – The motto of a successful evening

On the occasion of the new opening of Novotel Cologne City, Rüdiger Schild, the General Manager, presented a “Summiteer Charity Event”. First to the top of Mount Everest and then climb the 5th floor to visit to the newly renovated hotel rooms: scaling new heighs.

2016-10-20-Everest-28-Foto-Wingens copy 2

Two years ago, I met Rüdiger Schild and we both hit it off. I told him about MountainProjects’ visions and tasks. And he thrilled me not only with his sympathy but also his passion for our goals. But there was something else very important I could experience: to stand by his own words. From our first meeting on, Rüdiger Schild assured me to support MountainProjects. I had pure trust in his words. And this is a fantastic feeling. To meet people like Rüdiger Schild is a great enrichment of my life. A present.

Seventy guests and very good friends of mine listened eagerly to my lecture on my Everest expedition. Somehow we all felt like doing the climb to the summit together and again. A marvellous feeling which took my breath from time to time.

2016-10-20-Everest-30-Foto-Wingens copy

Highlight of the evening was Rüdiger Schild handing-over a donation of 1000 Euros to me on behalf of Accor Hotel Group.

2016-10-20-Everest-10-Foto-Wingens copy

Certainly, I had a present for him as well. A rather small and special one: a little bottle containing molten ice I scratched off on the summit of Everest before my descent.

2016-10-20-Everest-32-Foto-Wingens copy


I like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Schild for keeping word all the years, his hearty donation and the unforgettable evening in Cologne.

2016-10-20-Everest-33-Foto-Wingens copy

Also the dedicated employees of Novotel Köln-City for their hospitality in all aspects. You truly made me feel like home. What a strong team, Mr Schild!

And all guests for their passion to listen and their feedbacks. To reach and inspire them with my lecture made me extremely happy.

MountainProjects – Donate Education . Change Lives


Progress in Kagate: The Kindergarten Rises

The MountainProjects Kindergarten rises

We are more than happy about the great progress and the good news from Kagate!

The earthquake-resistant foundation of the two buildings which form the new “Kindergarten” was layed.


Also the wooden window and door frames were fitted allowing for plenty of sunshine to come through a little later on.


Exterior walls were completed with the roofs waiting for their installation. All that in a record time of just zwo months!


With pride and zeal, the villagers assist in building the new school while the children’ joyful anticipation knows no bounds. They watch the daily progress with shiny eyes.


All this is made possible only through your donations!

We look back on a very successful and emotional year. 2016 was shaped by great success in constructing the new school in Kagate.

We wish to extend our particular thanks to YOU, our donors, for your continued and dedicated support of MountainProjects e.V.. And also to our architect Bikash Palikhey as well as Shyam Pradhans, the Kagate site overseer, for their outstanding professional works.


We wish all our friends, partners and supporters Merry Christmas and all the best for your new year 2017!

May we encourage you to continue to support the Kagate children with your funds. That will enable us to accomplish our goal: to give 90 children in Kagate a prospect of life!

Donate Education . Change Lives

Tashi Delek

Andreas Friedrich

MountainProjects e.V.
Founder and Chair


Kagate School Design Ready

School Design Finalised

It required patience and coordination for architect Bikash Palikhey to finalise the design concept of all four separate buildings of the new Kagate school. Please join me to view its face in today’s post.


Above picture shows in black the village road. To its right sits the Field Office which is needed to host our teachers who participate in the Train The Teachers program for the Kagate teachers. It also serves as a guesthouse. Left of the road, you see the three main blocks. Between the road and these buildings is the retaining wall coloured white. It perfectly protected the downsloping terrain during the heavy monsoons this year.

The first building in the left foreground is the so-called Kindergarten which is a full classroom that got its name from the youngest village kids attending classes there. It comes with a rooftop terrace for the kids to enjoy the beautiful vistas during school breaks.

Behind the Kindergarten sits a building which houses the teachers’ office (1st floor), school kitchen and utility room. At ground level at the rear building are separate toilets for girls and boys. This is rather vital to allow for the boys to learn to have respect for the girls. Many schools do not provide such a separation. We managed to implement it. These two buildings are called Block 1.

The left background shows the main two-storey, four classroom school building in white. A roofed ascent inbetween this building leads to the upper classrooms. We refer to this building as Block 2. It will be the last to be completed.

This close-up view of the Kindergarten goes much more into detail.


Here you see Block 1 embedded in the landscape..



Das Field Office/Guesthouse has two storeys as well.


The ground floor hosts a hallway, toilet and an eat-in kitchen.


It’s upper floor provides an office, a guest room and a sleeping room.


The design of these buildings is truly unique for a school in Nepal. It might appear exaggerated. However Bikash’s focus on combining local materials and sophisticated technical know-how lead to a reasonable cost volume. The big ground floor windows and the aerial orientation of the buildings assure permanent sunlight and natural heat in the rooms which makes a heating system superfluous. This in return safes your donation which can be invested in other parts of the construction. Solar4Kids from Munich, Germany, have donated solar panels which will be installed on the Field Office roof. It not only will generate enough back-up electricity but also teaches the kids valuable lessons about renewable energies.

Innovative design meets smart technology. This is our solution for the new Kagate school.