Everest 2016

What is Your Everest – The MountainProjects guiding principle.

Mount Everest as metaphor for setting your own goals and aim high.

It is my personal dream to stand on top of Everest. To understand the stunning vistas from there. To reach the ultimate.

To make it to the summit I must be fully commited, ready to push and exceed my limits. Accept the ultimate challenge. Deliver peak performance under the most extreme conditions. Keep myself motivated permanently. Never lose site of my goal.

The highest : vistas and perspectives.

I climb the highest mountain on earth and enable the children the highest goal: to have success through education. To give a turning point to their lifes by bringing in their willpower, courage, motivation and perseverance.

Because education is a chance and opportunity.

I want to harness the special significance and magic of Mount Everest as the highest mountain on earth to carry out a sponsored expedition to promote MountainProjects and raise the necessary media awareness. In this way, MountainProjects will gain further donations and child sponsors.

I will carry out the Everest expedition with Himalayan Experience. It is Russel Brice and his team whom I trust most, not least due to my experience on Manaslu in 2012. Russell enjoys a unique reputation, his management is based on wisdom and prudence. With an immeasurable wealth of experience.

The expedition is completely financed by sponsors, who also bring their commitment to the project.

I promise that absolutely no donor funds will be used for the expedition.