What YOU can do – Your Help

As a non-profit and registered association based in Munich, MountainProjects needs your support.

Please help MountainProjects e.V. and the children in Kagate with a sponsorship or donation.

Our donation form offers you a variety of options to conveniently donate from one-off to different donation cycles and payment methods.
We cooperate with Betterplace who collects and administers your donations. Betterplace transfers all donations in favour of MountainProjects without any fee and in full.

Another way to donate is through Sparkasse Schweinfurt with whom we closely cooperate.

MountainProjects is also certified and registered on Betterplace, which is a reputable international crowdfunding platform. There you have the option to either contribute to the reconstruction efforts or to donate a fraction of the overall demand for the new school building based on your individual selection, for example, 100 stones or 5 windows. Just as you wish.

The initial project costs amount to 15.000 €. Salaries for four teachers total 240 Euros per month. To start on construction of the new school building we will need an initial donation amount of 6000 Euros. You may find a detailled list of costs for the Kagate Project here.

The scale of devastation caused by the earthquakes in Nepal in early 2015 is sitll clearly visible and thus require the reconstruction of the village and infrastructure before we can begin building the new school. The reconstruction will cost 20000 Euro alone.

Massive devastation in Kagate 2015 Massive devastation in Kagate 2015

In fact, the earthquakes forced us to focus now on two equally important projects: reconstruction and the new school. A new school utterly needs a reconstructed and intact infrastructure.

For all this, MountainProjects needs your willingness to give which is the key to our success.

When the new school is ready you can become sponsor of a child in Kagate.

With a regular donation of as little as 1 € per day for one child that we care for, we can meet all of the running costs. We want to establish and keep personal contact to the child that you sponsor, so that you are always kept in the picture and can follow his or her development. You will receive, in advance, the child’s biography and a photo. You can write letters or even visit. In this way you will develop a strong bond with your adopted child. He or she will thank you with a smile from the bottom of their heart!

If you wish to become a child sponsor please print our sponsor form, sign and return it to us. MountainProjects e.V will then debit your donation based on your approval using an electronic standing order with Bank für Sozialwirtschaft.

Become a sponsor and help us Become a sponsor and help us

Our transparency is an important means of building trust with our donors. For this, we mail to you our regular newsletters to keep you updated on the progress of our projects. This way you will be able to follow step by step how your cash is being used.

MountainProjects likes to thank you for your support..