Media Presence

We have a PR-Plan.

Ahead of the expedition we will already be generating media awareness via our newsletters and using social, print and online media channels. PR events that we will run, will help us to capture the imagination of the public.

Base camp - Home during the expedition

Base camp – Home during the expedition

Breathtaking vistas from high camp

Stormy high camp

From the first day of preparation we will be feeding our expedition blog. During the expedition you will be able to take part by following the news daily and as it occurs at every location from base camp, through the various high camps right up to the summit.

You can also follow events after the expedition. Lectures and media appearance with sponsors will take place and put online using social media.

Be part of the action.

Everything is aimed at raising awareness for the children of Kagate. They are the ones who should profit from this expedition.

Our success is their success.