Progress in Kagate: The Kindergarten Rises

The MountainProjects Kindergarten rises

We are more than happy about the great progress and the good news from Kagate!

The earthquake-resistant foundation of the two buildings which form the new “Kindergarten” was layed.


Also the wooden window and door frames were fitted allowing for plenty of sunshine to come through a little later on.


Exterior walls were completed with the roofs waiting for their installation. All that in a record time of just zwo months!


With pride and zeal, the villagers assist in building the new school while the children’ joyful anticipation knows no bounds. They watch the daily progress with shiny eyes.


All this is made possible only through your donations!

We look back on a very successful and emotional year. 2016 was shaped by great success in constructing the new school in Kagate.

We wish to extend our particular thanks to YOU, our donors, for your continued and dedicated support of MountainProjects e.V.. And also to our architect Bikash Palikhey as well as Shyam Pradhans, the Kagate site overseer, for their outstanding professional works.


We wish all our friends, partners and supporters Merry Christmas and all the best for your new year 2017!

May we encourage you to continue to support the Kagate children with your funds. That will enable us to accomplish our goal: to give 90 children in Kagate a prospect of life!

Donate Education . Change Lives

Tashi Delek

Andreas Friedrich

MountainProjects e.V.
Founder and Chair